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MXTRON OS 2.0 V1.3 update, Google service available
MXTRON OS 2.0 V1.3 is avalable for upgrading now, it supports Google service
Here are the new capabilities of the MXTRON OS 2.0 V1.3:
1 Google service unlocked: Supports Google Playstore, Google map, Google Voice Assistant, etc
2 No more Pre-installed Chinese app
3 Other third-party application supported, like Waze
Note: The updates are only available for upgrading the MXTRON unit which comes with MXTRON OS 2.0 (Android 4.2.2)
Here are the onedrive links for you to download the update, Please keep your MXTRON unit power on while upgrading.  
If your MXTRON unit comes with DVD loader, you need the following update "MXTRON Update 4002 BC8 V1.3 20150424"
If your MXTRON unit is without DVD, you need the following update "MXTRON Update 4008 BC8 V1.3 20150427" (No DVD)

Please follow the upgrade instructions as below:
1x SD card or USB flash driver (Format it or move the other contents into other devices)
1x Tiny hard pin/stick
Update step 1
Download the correct update software and unzip it you will get the update data files as the below:

Copy them into the SD card/USB flash driver's root directory

Insert the SD card into MXTRON unit's navi card slot or plug the USB flash dirver with MXTRON unit's USB port ( Any one is ok)
Reboot the system, you can either restart the engine or press the Reset button with the tiny hard pin/stick (RES), then the upgrade program will start automatically,
Please keep your MXTRON unit power on while upgrading.
The upgrade will take a few minutes, when its finished, you will see the following texts on the screen

( Bad translation by engineer, so be it ,lol. you can consider it as "update finished, please remove the SD card/USB flash dirver then restart the system")
Upgrade finishes after reboot, you 'd better delete the update data from SD card, in case of upgrade start over again.
You will need to reset the Navi shortcut after upgrade:
Car media settings(Car settings)-- Common (General settings)-- Navi app-- Select "iGO"

then it will be ok, and you can change it to whatever navigation (download from playstore, like google map) you like as default navigation.
if you lose your steering wheel control you may need to do setup the car model on factory settings, the passcode is 3368
Torque PRO

And the MXTRON User Manual.pdf


If you have any question on upgrading the system, please send your questions to supports@mxtron.com or sales@mxtron.com, we will get back to you ASAP.