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After a few months debuging, We finally worked out the updated version system--MXTRON OS 2.0, its based on Android 4.2.2,
We almost used the same hardwares that our MXTRON OS 1.0 platform has: 
CPU: MST 786 Cortex A9 Dual-core 1GHz
RAM: 1GB       ROM: 8GB
We did changes on user interfaces on Bluetooth, Radio, AUX, USB music, etc, in the purpose of improving user experience, simplify the unnessary programs and visual effection, so the system now is more responsive and less power comsuption. We have a new solution for cellphone connection-- Easy connect, which supports both Android cellphone (via USB wiring) and iPhone (Wireless Airplay); The most important improvement is multi-lanages OSD menu.
But we had changed the core board design, which means the old system can not be upgraded to MXOS 2.0, however we will still support MXOS 1.0.
And here are new UI screen shots for MXOS 2.0: